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ICHI's first overseas chapter is located at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus with plans for further international development on the horizon. Communications started in December of 2020 with the partnership officially established in February of 2022. Both chapters meet at our virtual Global Health Conferences to brainstorm solutions to healthcare and quality-of-life issues of our respective communities. 


Our next overseas chapter is our Gaza chapter at Al-Azhar University – Gaza. The purpose of our partnership is to expand healthcare and nutritional access in the areas of greatest need across the globe. While the Gaza chapter and faculty are completely uninvolved and separate from regional politics, the university was recently destroyed in an airstrike. This unfortunate news is part of a string of horrific incidents that highlight the need for an immediate and enduring ceasefire in the region. We look forward to seeing Al-Azhar University - Gaza rebuild both their school and community as we support them in this process and continue to work together in our effort to realize our mission across the globe.



Our third official overseas chapter was established at the beginning of 2024 at Yeravan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi in Armenia. Our partnership is aimed at implementing initiatives that mirror our current mission in the US to bring free healthcare to the underserved within both our communities. Our combined commitment to this mission will not only provide tangible outcomes for those we serve but also empower them by establishing a strong sense of community.


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Eastern Mediterranean University: (From the top, left to right) Muharrem İyican, Barış Ali Ömer, Emircan Sezer, Şafak Dila Palabıyık, Sıla Yalın, Doğa Yasavur, İrem Oben, Cemran Türkoğulları, Duru Lakadamyalı, & Dilem Ömerağa.  (Kutay Babacan not pictured).


In March 2024, we officially formed a partnership with the State University of Bangladesh. Our Bangladesh chapter plays an integral role in broadening our global impact on community health. Through our shared dedication, we will empower the community by providing concrete benefits to those we serve and building on our mission to make healthcare more accessible across both locations.



February 2022 Global Health Conference 


August 2022 Global Health Conference

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